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Full Body Exercises

Joel Runyon

Like the name entails, Full Body exercises involve more complex, compound movements that will challenge multiple limbs, your core, and your cardiovascular system all at the same time.

Full Body exercise is one of the best methods to gain muscle and lose fat all in one workout.

Instead of spending 5-6 days per week only training just one isolated muscle group on each of those days (i.e. Leg Day), a Full Body workout can accomplish far more in less time. This means less of your precious afternoons you have to spend at the fitness center, but all the while leave you gasping for breath on your gym mat.



A Full Body workout also burns more calories faster, raising your metabolism and leading to a more toned appearance. Ultimately, instead of just training for large muscle mass one body part at a time, you’ll be constructing a well-rounded total physique. So what’s not to like?

Start off by trying to do 3 Full Body workouts per week. You’ll want to incorporate different exercises that will challenge all your body parts throughout the session.

Consult with a trainer at your gym, and have them help you to craft a routine that also includes some variety to keep you both interested and worn out by the end. An example of just some great movements to utilize are Burpees, Thrusters, and Star Jumps.



Doing multiple sets of these types of Full Body movements will not only build strength in the limbs that they train, but will get your blood pumping and your lungs expanding as you jump, run, and lift to the maximum of your abilities.