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May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

Sprints are an indispensable movement to both increase cardiovascular and muscle endurance. A Plyometric exercise, Sprints will get you maximum results when incorporated into a HIIT-style workout.

How to do Sprints

First off, find yourself a good open area or track field to perform this exercise. Sprinting inside a crowded gym will obviously make you unpopular with staff and other gym goers alike.

The key to successful sprinting is the warm-up. Warming up will not only increase your sprinting power, but also reduce the probability of injury. Make sure to perform quad and hamstring stretches as well as a light job to prime your muscles for the main event.

Sprint Workout

You’ll want to perform 3 sets of Sprints and increasing levels of intensity, each followed by a 1-2 minute rest. Your first Sprint will be for 30 seconds at 60% of your fastest speed. The second at 80% of your fastest speed, and the final Sprint at 100%.

Again, give yourself a good couple of minutes to recover after each Sprint. If you still have extra energy, try to add 3-4 more sets until your heart and lungs are fatigued and pumped full of oxygen.

Sprints Video Demonstration

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