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Turkish Getup

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

A Turkish Getup is a demanding full-body, compound conditioning exercise that will test your balance, stability, and core. You will start the movement lying on your back, and while lifting a weight over your head, finishing at a complete standing position.

How to do a Turkish Getup

Start by selecting a light single hand weight- a kettlebell is ideal for this exercise. Grab a mat and lie down on your back with the kettlebell extended overhead held up by one arm. Your other arm should be out at your side and your legs extended out in a V position on the mat.

Now bend the knee of the same side of your body that you hold the weight with. Place your free hand palm down on the floor, engage your abdomen, and while continuing to hold the kettlebell above you, push yourself up into a one-leg kneeling position.

At this point, your body should resemble the bottom position of a lunge: one foot flat on the floor in front of you, and one knee on the ground behind you with your chest upright. The weight is still above your head being held on the same side as your front extended knee.

Now using your front extended foot, push through your heel and raise your entire body up so you are now in an erect standing position with the kettlebell raised directly above your head.

Return to your starting position, by lunging downwards and getting back to lying on your back. This completes one Turkish Get Up. This is a complex and challenging movement, so be sure to practice the sequence first using only your body before adding any additional hand weights.

Turkish Getup Video Demonstration

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