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Bicep Exercises

Joel Runyon

There might not be a muscle that gets more attention at the gym than the bicep. Walk into any gym and you’ll most likely see people standing in front of the mirrors pumping out some bicep curls. Everyone likes a good bicep pump every now and then.

The Bicep Muscle

The bicep muscle run alongs the front of the upper part of the arm. You know when you flex your arm? It’s the muscle that you’re most likely looking at in the mirror when you do. The bicep is made up of two different areas – the short head and long head – both of which start from the scapula. Together, the short head and the long head work together to function as one muscle.

The Purpose of the Bicep

The bicep has the important function of flexing the elbow, rotating your hand, and moving your shoulder. It’s connected to the arm bone through tendons. And while everyone is chasing the nice pump that comes from hitting some bicep curls, having a strong bicep also pays off in your every day life – like picking up your kid or starting a lawn mower.

Bicep Exercises

Of course, bicep curls are going to work your biceps. But there are lots of other movements that will help work that muscle as well. Some of the movements listed below are most obviously a bicep movement. Others work the bicep as well as other muscle groups. As with any exercise you do, form should always be your first priority before weight. Pick a weight that feels comfortable for you and master the movement. At that point, you can start adding weight.