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Bicep Curls

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The Bicep Curl is one of the most classic exercises to strengthen and define your upper arms. It is simple to perform, but to get the most benefits from it, you must maintain proper form and keep the rest of your upper body stationary.

How to do a Bicep Curl

To start, grab two dumbbells of equal weight and hold them at your sides with your arms fully extended and elbows locked out. Your palms should be facing outwards and your back and head upright and fully erect.

In a controlled motion, slowly lift both dumbbells simultaneously up towards your shoulders until your elbows are completely bent and the weights are almost touching the fronts of your shoulders. Exhale and pause at the top. Now slowly lower your arms back down to your sides with your palms continuing to face outwards. Stop at the bottom.

This completes one curl.

Tips for Bicep Curls

It is important to make sure that you are not swinging your arms upwards to try and bring the dumbbell higher. Similarly, you must keep your torso motionless to gain the maximum muscle-building burn from the movement.

If you find your arms or upper body are swinging, reduce the weight until the entire curl can be performed in a 100% controlled manner.

Bicep Curls Video Demonstration

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