Jaw Excercises

last updated: Jun 21, 2021

The best jaw exercises

I bet you haven't thought much about exercising your jaw before, but it could be something that you want to start considering. Incorporating some specific jaw and neck exercises can actually give your jaw a more defined look. While the changes may be subtle, if you're searching for this look, doing some jaw exercises could be beneficial for you.

What is the Jaw?

We use our jaws every day. Whether it's talking, yawning, eating, or drinking, our jaw does work when our mouth opens and close. It's also probably no surprise that many people experience pain or tightness in the jaw. When we talk about the jaw, we are speaking about the set of bones that keep teeth in our mouth. There are two separate parts to the jaw - the upper part is called the maxilla and the lower is the mandible. The mandible is what we consider to be the jawbone.

Jaw Exercises

The good news is you don't need a gym or any equipment for these jaw exercises. Over time, the muscles in our neck and face can lose tone which may eventually lead to less definition in the jaw or pain. These subtle exercises can help strengthen your jaw muscles as well as improve the range of motion. Not to mention, it may subtlety help define your jawline.

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