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Foot Exercises

Joel Runyon

Your feet may be one of the most under-appreciated and important parts of your body. An incredibly complex combination of muscle tissue, tendons, and smaller bones, the feet receive our entire bodyweight every time we stand, walk, jump or run.

Indeed, we couldn’t do any of these movements without them. Your feet are the literal foundation for everything else that you do with your body.

Sadly, our poor feet that get hammered into the ground hundreds of times per day are often overlooked. They really are areas that need proper strengthening in order to stay healthy, happy, and performing at their best.



Stronger feet aid in better mobility and stability- all the good things we need to perform in athletics and daily movement. If you’ve ever tried squatting a heavy barbell mounted on your back, you soon realize how important your foot placement and balance are to performing this exercise without injuring yourself. Falling down could be disastrous.

Since our feet are complex and get such a workout every day, they are also injury-prone. If your feet are weak, then the rest of our bodies must compensate for what they cannot do.

Common conditions like plantar fasciitis, twisted ankles, and Achilles pain can all be linked to underdeveloped muscles in our feet. So, it’s critical that we’re conscious of ways to strengthen this area of our body.



Some fantastic exercises that will strengthen your balance and feet are Walking Lunges, the Suitcase Carry, and The Farmers Walk.

These training movements condition your feet’s ability to balance as you carry yourself forward with additional weight in your hands. Mobility stretches should also be performed that will strengthen your calves and ankles- all muscles that connect into your feet.

So make some of these movements part of your workout routine, your body will thank you for it.