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Back Exercises

Joel Runyon

The rear muscles of your upper torso are an extremely important area that should be worked out regularly. A toned, V-shape back doesn’t just look nice at the beach- it holds up your spinal column, your neck, and head, and prevents injury when performing day to day functional activity.

The main movements your back engages in are lifting objects off of the ground and pulling motions. In daily life, this can be as common as picking up your toddler, pulling a door open, moving furniture, etc, etc.



All these types of actions, done with bad form, can cause unwanted back pain. A weak, unconditioned back can experience injury just from a simple violent sneeze!

So, it’s critical to know the right training movements that work your various back muscles and incorporate them into your weekly routine. Your back’s main muscles are the Trapezius (which runs up and down your spine to your neck), your Laterals (which run on either side of your back), and the Extensors (which control movement in your lower back).

No matter what your goals are in the gym, all of these should be properly conditioned to prevent injury. Your comfort sitting at your desk and overall quality of life will be greatly improved by keeping this piece of real estate in your body fit.



In terms of what sorts of exercises you can do for your Back, some of the best are the Pull Up, the Bent Over Row, and the Superman. Watch the demonstration videos below, practice the movements slowly until you perfect your form, and start off with light weights.

With regular practice of back conditioning exercises, you’ll soon find your posture and your ability to perform functional movements improving, as well as higher levels of strength during your workouts.

back exercises