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Tailpipe Workout

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

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The Tailpipe Workout is a workout from hell – aka the minds of Gym Jones. Forged in mind of Mark Twight, the tailpipe was conceived as a “recovery” workout.

The workout consists of two disciplines, rowing and “resting” with two heavy kettlebells in the front rack position.

While the rowing itself is difficult, the real issue is that it is almost impossible to breathe while doing the kettlebell portion of the workout.

This means, that each subsequent row is harder and harder and by the end, you’re gasping for air.

Almost like you’re sucking exhuast out of a tailpipe – hence the name.

So what is this workout from hell? Well, you’re about to find out:

The Workout

The Tailpipe is a partner workout and goes as follows:

  • One partner rows 250m
  • One partner holds two 56kg kettle bells in the front rack position.
  • When the first partner finishes 250m the partners switch.
  • Repeat for 3 rounds.

At the end, each partner will have rowed 750m for a total of 1500m.

Tailpipe Workout Metrics

World Record (known): 4:24

Great time: Anything under 5 minutes

Average: 5:30-6 minutes

Needs improvement: Over 6 minutes

The TailPipe Workout Video

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