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Tricep Exercises

Joel Runyon

Although the bicep muscles may garner most of the attention for gym-goers, the triceps should not be overlooked. Most any pushing motion could not happen without this humble muscle group. If toned, strong arms are your goal, then you’ll want to incorporate some exercises into your workout regime that hit the triceps.

The Tricep Muscle

As you may be able to deduce from the name, the tricep muscle has three different parts. These parts are called the medial, lateral, and long head. These muscles run alongside the back part of your arm. The triceps help make extension of the arm possible.

The Best Tricep Exercises

When training the tricep muscles, you want to be sure you’re hitting all three heads for maximum effect. As tempting as it may be, this means that you want to avoid doing some basic tricep extensions and calling it good. Be sure to scroll through our database below for a wide range of exercises that will help strengthen all three heads of your tricep.