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Resistance Band Exercises

Joel Runyon

For avid gym goers, 2020 and the Covid pandemic was a huge impediment to getting a good workout in. With fitness centers and even outdoor areas shut down, those wanting to exercise had to get creative- really creative.

Many found that Resistance Bands were a fantastic alternative to using standard weights and could use them at home to substitute their regular routine.

However, even before our favorite gyms closed down, many were using Resistance bands as part of their workout. Almost like oversized rubber bands, they can actually mimic the same resistance and consequent muscle burn gravity imposes on our limbs when lifting weights.

One of the greatest benefits of Resistance Bands is that, unlike iron dumbbells, they are incredibly lightweight. Plus, they’re easy to fold up and store inside a living room drawer or suitcase.

You can literally take them anywhere that heavy old school weights cannot go: the park, your patio, or a hotel room on a business trip. The possibilities are quite endless.

Some users like to bring Resistance Bands into the gym with them and use them for added muscle conditioning. By placing a band around your thighs while performing squats or glute bridges, Resistance Bands will challenge you further when your bodyweight is no longer doing the trick.

Another fantastic use of the Resistance Band is to incorporate its naturally pulling motion as added assistance when performing a bodyweight Pull Up or Chin Up. By hanging a band down from the bar and looping your knee into it, the Resistance Band will reduce some of your own bodyweight and make you “lighter”.

This allows you to perform more reps, or simply get your arms stronger for free, full-bodyweight versions down the road.