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Banded Face Pull

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

Do you have cranky shoulders or a slouchy posture? Banded face pulls might be just what you need to help correct those issues. 

This movement helps strengthen the muscles in your shoulders and back like your traps, rotator cuff, and rear delts. 

How to do Banded Face Pulls 

A light resistance band and sturdy anchor point are needed for this exercise. If you’re working in a gym, they might have a place to anchor a band. Alternatively, using something like the straight post of a squat rack can work as well. 

The band should be placed about chest height. Find a distance away from the anchor point that allows tension on the band. You can adjust how easy or difficult this movement is by moving closer to or away from the anchor point. 

Once you’ve found the appropriate amount of tension on the band, your arms should be fully extended in front of you parallel to the ground with palms facing down. Pull the band toward eye-level, being sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together. 

Once you’ve reached eye-level with your shoulder blades squeezed together, pause for one second, and then return to the starting position with control. 

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