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Forearm Exercises

Joel Runyon

Forearm muscles connect to your hands, elbows, and wrists. Though we often tend to not pay much attention to our non-sexy forearms, they actually play a crucial role in everyday life.

You can always see lots of big guys at the gym working on their bulging biceps or chest, but it’s their humble forearm muscles that are making a lot of these movements possible at all.

First of all, our forearms control grip strength- so forget about picking up a heavy dumbbell without strong forearms. Shooting a basketball, rock climbing, and your driving golf swing all rely on forearm muscles for success.



As you continue to strengthen your forearms, you’ll soon find that you’re able to pick up heavier weight, pull yourself up to a bar, and perform pushing movements in exercises that you were once weaker in. This of course only leads to greater full-body strength overall.

Stronger muscles also prevent injury in your elbows, wrists, and hands. Outside of the gym, carrying a heavy suitcase through the airport, and even opening a tight jar of pickles all become easier if you condition these vital muscles.

So, while we often overlook our forearms in favor of other more attention-getting muscles, don’t neglect them. They are key to success in your fitness journey.

Some of the best exercises to perform that condition your forearm muscles are the Farmers Walk, Push Up and Pull Up. Make sure to include some combination of these into your workout routine.



If you’re performing these for the first time, make sure that your form is correct and to not push yourself too hard. Stop if you even feel any pain or tweak during the movement.