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Suitcase Carry

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The Suitcase Carry is a fantastic and useful functional movement- especially if you’re rushing through the airport. You perform it just as its name might suggest, buy using one hand to carry a weight over a moderate distance. In doing so, you exercise a multitude of muscles that include your calves, glutes, core, and even grip strength.

How to do a Suitcase Carry

To start, set up a barbell on the floor with two plates of light and equal weight. A kettlebell or dumbbell will also work nicely if a barbell is too heavy for you.

Stand next to and in the middle of the barbell with your two feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands should be at your sides. Squat down, grab the barbell in the middle of the bar with one hand, and pick it up so it is completely balanced and now raised to the height of your hips.

Keeping your spine and neck in an upright posture, engage your core, and start walking steadily for 30 seconds with your eyes directly in front of you. You should start to feel a healthy muscle stress in your legs, shoulders, and forearms.

Put the barbell down, and turn around so your other hand will now be set up to grab the barbell. Pick it up and walk back the same way you came for 30 seconds. Put the weight down again. This completes one Suitcase Carry.

Suitcase Carry Video Demonstration

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