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The IMPOSSIBLE® Guide To Turkesterone

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

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Turkesterone is a new, suddenly popular compound that many athletes are using to improve performance, gains, and increase strength.

But will it actually help you do any of that? Is it safe, helpful or ultimately not good for you at all?

Let’s find out:

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a steroid hormone found in insects + plant species. While turkesterone is derived from plants – it’s system compound – ecdysterone is typically derived from insects and is responsible for their molting process – which makes sense to why it also may drive cell growht in humans.

While it’s a new compound, studies have been scarce – although many people are very excited about it’s potential uses + possibilities. 

Other Names for Turkesterone

Turkesterone is also sometimes listed as ECDY or Ecdysterone so if you might find additional information under those names while doing your research. These ecdysteroid compounds are all a part of the same family including ‘ecdysone’, ‘ecdysterone’, ‘turkesterone’ and ’20-hydroxyecdysone

Where Does Turkesterone Come From?

Turkesterone was originally derived from the Ajuga plant (ajuga turkestanica). This plant has many names including Carpet Bugle, Ground Pine, or Bugleweed, but this compound is also available in other forms as well.

Benefits of Turkesterone

One of the main purported benefits is that it improves strength + endurance without the androgenic issues that plague other similar steroidal compounds.

Note that “steroids” are not the same thing as “anabolic steroids” which comes to mind for most people when they hear the word “steroid”.

While it is still being studied, the main benefits seem to be improving recovery time, endurance and strength in your body – similar to other natural steroid compounds.

Most results are anecdotal and note muscle growth or weight increases while taking the compound.

Many often compare the gains to creatine, but stronger – and the data seem to back that up.

The gains, while small, seem to be appreciated by many in the bodybuilding community.

Overall, the main benefits seem to include:

  • Natural supplement that promotes testosterone production.
  • Improves lean muscle tissue growth.
  • No cycle therapy needed compared to other anabolic compounds
  • Can induce muscle protein synthesis and improve strength
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • There also seem to be benefits around sleep, stress, and anxiety
  • Can help improve body composition

While studies are still new, the downsides seem to be minimal in comparison to other steroidal compounds and thus the popularity.

The pricing is often considered a downside as taking this supplement to see maximum effect can cost hundreds of dollars – but like anything – you often get what you pay for.

Suggested Dosages of Turkesterone

The suggested dosages of Turkesterone is still being studied and isn’t widely known. Most products dose around 500mg. One thing to note is the concentration at which your turkesterone compound is manufactured. Many will claim higher dosages of Turk but have lower overall amounts of the actual compound.

Some people have used up to 1g of a turkesterone, but there aren’t good studies on any quantities above that number.

The 3 Best Sources of Turkesterone

While there are only a few available Turkesterone supplements currently available, here’s our top 3 supplements in ranked order. Be careful where you buy them online as the explosion of popularity has made several shady manufacturers rushing out products that are either not full-strength or tainted with other production processes.

Turk™ by

Turk™ at is the strongest formulated compound of Turkesterone on the market and the first company dedicated to producing and selling solely Turkesterone.


Because of that, Turk has become the go-to company for Turkesterone. They’re tested, reliable and you don’t have to worry about it randomly getting tainted with other junk.

Turk is consistently sold out so if you can’t get a hold of Turk in it’s raw form – then we recommend you check out some of other providers below.

-→ Turk at

Turkesterone by Gorilla Mind


Gorilla Mind’s formulation is constantly sold out. You may be able to buy some aftermarket on ebay from scalper, but you can never guarnatee if they’re authentic.. That said – it’s a high quality supplement, but may or may not be easy to buy.

-> Turkesterone @ Gorilla Mind

Turkesterone Choice #3

We don’t have a third choice yet due to untested third parties flooding the space. Because of this, you’re better off buying it from the official source at or looking more up at Gorilla mind.

Possible Side Effects of Turkesterone

With any compound, it’s important to take into consideration what side effects it might create. One of the reasons turkesterone seems so promising is the lack of side effects in comparison to other anabolic compounds.

Turkesterone does not seem to exhibit the androgenic effects that many other similar compounds do. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly interesting for bodybuilders and athletes who want to get some extra gains without having the horrible downsides that some steroid cycles run into.

While there need to be more studies on any side effects that might arise from long term usage- it’s an interesting cost/benefit ratio.

What Are People Saying about Turkesterone?

The jury seems to still be out on Turkesterone due to the lack of studies around the compound, but there are several people that attest to the results.

However, Derek at More Plates More Dates seems to be a fan of it (he is also the owner behind of Gorilla Mind).

Other people have referenced Turkesterone in popular media including Andrew Huberman and Connor Murphy. Again, because of how new this compound is – new studies and mentions are being added every day.

Other videos on turkesterone

Greg Doucette on Turk

Reasons To Avoid Turk

Some of the common reasons you may want to avoid turkesterone include

  • It’s still a new substance. It’s relatively untested and could have downsides we don’t know about.
  • Low risk tolerance on all supplements.
  • You’re not trying to improve strength or size.
  • You have absolutely stringent testing requirements you’re subjected to on a regular basis.

Other Turkesterone Resources:

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