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The Best Gyms In Austin

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

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If you’re looking for the best gyms in Austin – I’ve got you covered. On the ground in Austin for 3+ years, this isn’t just another yelp listing.

We’ve been on the ground in these gyms and these are the best ones you’re going to find. And before you ask, yes – we purposely left Golds, Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness and rest of the chains. If you’re looking for one of those – you already know what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for local gyms that are going to push you to your limit – look no further.

Here you go:

Atomic Athlete – The Best Damn Gym in Austin

best gym in austin atomic athlete

Area: South Austin

Address: 3907 Warehouse Row, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 522-5778


Membership: $185/month

Instagram: @atomicathlete

Demographic: Athletes from all backgrounds looking for a class based periodized programming.

Atomic may be the best damn gym in Austin. It’s not easy. That’s for sure, but the combination of a 15,000 sq. ft. facility combined with world class programming and a set class structure makes Atomic the best place for you if you’re looking for programming. Even beyond the classes, your membership gets you access to the facility from 5am-11pm every day during open gym. Open gym athletes range from power lifters to special forces military to BJJ athletes.

Atomic Outpost – The Best Gym in (North) Austin

best gym in north austin - atomic outpost

Area: North Austin

Address: 9805 Beck Cir, Austin, TX 78758

Phone: (512) 522-4719


Membership: $150/month+

Instagram: @atomicoutpost

Demographic: Athletes looking for a challenge and no-nonsense gym access.

Based in North Austin, Atomic Outpost is the smaller brother to Atomic HQ. Outfitted with plenty of squat racks, and free weights, along with an outdoor turf station – you’ll have no issue getting all the gear you need. With an open gym model, Outpost also offers classes on a set weekly schedule that you can sign up and get coached through – similar to HQ.

Other Austin Gyms Worth Visiting

These other gyms are also worth checking out depending on what you’re looking for:

Hyde Park Gym

Area: Hyde Park

Address: 4125 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78751

Phone: (512) 524-0450


Membership: $75/month

Instagram: @hpg_official

Demographic: No non-sense gym bros and olympic lifters.

Hyde Park gym is a very down to earth, no frills gym. You likely won’t find music, but there are a ton of lifting platforms and gymnastic rings. You’ll be right at home with a ton of olympic and natty lifters.

Squatch Frontier Fitness

Area: East Side

Address: 701 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702

Phone: (512) 547-9909


Membership: Visit gym to find out.

Instagram: @squatchfrontierfitness

Demographic: Crunchy, original Austin gym

Squatch may be the most Austin gym in Austin. An indoor/outdoor space with a hot tub and sauna. You’ll find people doing self directed workouts here as well group fitness classes and may even find some intention fire circles depending on the time of year. If you’re looking to workout in an authentic Austin way on the east side. Check it out.


Area: South Congress

Address: 200 Academy Dr, Austin, TX 78704



Membership: $399+

Instagram: @kollective

Demographic: Pro athletes, instagram influencers, entrepreneurs

Kollective maybe the most gorgeous looking gym in Austin. Situated behind SoHo House Austin just off South Congress, you’ll find a mix of pro athletes, weekend warriors and startup entrepreneurs that want to make their gym their second home. With a $399/month price tag – you better make sure you’re putting it to use!

Big Tex Gym

Area: North Austin

Address: 1921 Cedar Bend Dr A 130, Austin, TX 78758

Phone: +15127757838


Membership: $50/month

Instagram: @bigtexgym

Demographic: Bodybuilders. Strongmen. Very pro steroid crowd.

Big Tex is a gym’s gym. Known for the loud music blaring, your testosterone levels will rise just walking into the parking lot. Equipped with a boxing area and a lot more, you could do an entire documentary on the makeup of this place. Definitely unique. Owners are great.

The Onnit Gym

Area: South Austin

Address: 4401 Freidrich Ln #301, Austin, TX 78744

Phone: (512) 593-5437


Membership: $117/month+

Instagram: @onnitgym

Demographic: Conscious fitness, breath-work fans and pyschonauts. Joe Rogan fanatics.

If you are trying to complete your Austin ayahuasca experience – you need to swing by the Onnit Gym to complete the pilgrimage. You’ll find a state of the art gym with like minded people ready to get after it throughout their class schedule. Has a recovery cafe and is next door to Kuya if you’d like to do a proper recovery after your workout.

Fun fact: The Onnit Gym is next to the rest of Onnit HQ so you can do the full Joe Rogan / Aubrey Marcus Austin pilgramage in one go.

Los Campeones

Area: South Austin / Dripping Springs

Address: 9811 Vikki Terrace, Austin, TX 78736

Phone: (512) 436-8000


Membership: $79/month

Instagram: @loscampeonesaustin

Demographic: No nonsense lifters. South Austin / Dripping Springs athletes

Los Campeones is one of the newest Austin facilities that opened up post-pandemic and it’s awesome. Huge, spacious and no-frills -Los Campeones is where you go if you need a good workout minus all the fuss.

The main drawback (or perk) is that it’s on the way to Dripping Springs – so it’s a ways outside of downtown Austin. A huge minus if you’re in the city and trying to get in and out of the gym in a hurry – but if you’re located down south – this is a huge plus as you’re getting another awesome gym closer your way. Congrats.

The Best Recovery Centers Gyms in Austin


Area: South Austin

Address: 4401 Freidrich Ln Unit 300, Austin, TX 78744

Phone: (512) 535-6594


Membership: $95/month+


Fun fact: Kuya is the newest recovery center (and the largest one we’ve seen). In addition to vitamin IV drips, they are starting to offer ketamine infusions and word on the street is that they plan to offer MDMA therapy sometime soon.

Ocean Lab

Area: Cherrywood / University 

Address: 3314 Harmon Ave, Austin, TX 78705

Phone: (512) 488-1710


Membership: $132/month+

Instagram: @oceanlabatx

If you’re north of the city, check out Ocean Lab. This recovery center is focused on sensory deprivation experiences, but also offers saunas and cold tubs.

The founder of Ocean Lab – Eric – is also prone to wild, ridiculous impossible challenges – like the 4x4x48 challenge and the longest night race.

Fun fact: 

Generator Athlete Lab

Area: Downtown

Address: 800 W. Cesar Chavez St PP120, Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 614-2200


Membership: $199+

Instagram: @generatorathletelab

Demographic: Downtown dwellers looking for a place to rest.

Fun fact: Generator Athlete Lab was one of the first recovery places that popped up in Austin – but it’s popularity has sparked several others opening recently as well.

Kollective (mentioned above) also has solid recovery facilities (cold plunge, sauna, and physical therapists on staff).

There you go – the list of the best damn gyms in Austin. Check them out.

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