The IMPOSSIBLE Fitness ® Standards

The world is full of impossible standards. People like to complain that these standards are too hard, too unrealistic, too unreasonable to be bothered with.

At IMPOSSIBLE, we take them as a challenge. We don't shy away from them. We take them personally and use them an an excuse to get better, faster, stronger.

That's the origin of the IMPOSSIBLE standards.

Instead of assuming you can't do them, we took it as a challenge and asked "who who you have to become to do these?"

The IMPOSSIBLE standards are a series of challenges and fitness tests designed to push yourself to your limit.

They are designed to be done all within the same testing phase. None of these individual goals are particularly difficult if you train for them, but being able to do all of them is an altogether different feat.

If you can complete all of these within a reasonable amount of time - you are undeniably - impossibly fit. is site is designed to help you push your limits and do something impossible.

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The Impossible Standards