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Weighted V-Up

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

Adding weight to the v-up can be an effective way to challenge yourself and build even more core strength. Once you’ve mastered the standard v-up, feel free to add the appropriate amount of weight to the movement to reach the stimulus you desire.

Our favorite ways to perform a weighted v-up are by holding a wall ball, slam ball, or weight plate. But feel free to experiment with the equipment you have and find what works best for you.

How to do a Weighted V-Up

Start by lying on the floor holding your weighted object in your hands. Extend your legs straight out with your heels touching the ground. Keep your lower back planted firmly against the floor.

With the weight in your hands, extend your arms above your head (so they are parallel with the floor). In a simultaneous motion, bring your arms forward to use as momentum at the same time you start to raise your legs upwards. Keep your neck and back straight as you start to sit up and your feet continue towards the direction of the ceiling.

Continue to raise your torso and legs until your body forms a “V” position, balancing your body with only your buttocks against the mat. Try to touch your feet with your fingers.

Pause for a second and then lower your torso and legs back down to their original lying position.

Your arms will descend along with your body until they drop backwards behind your head, priming you for the next V-Up. This counts as one rep. Perform as many V-Ups as you can until failure.


Joel Runyon

Joel Runyon