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Up Down Planks

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The Up Down Plank is a fantastic hybrid exercise, fusing the Isometric standard Plank with the cardio burn and arm conditioning of strength training. Your core region, upper arms, and heart will all get a full workout doing this movement.

It’s important to keep your body in a static position as your abdomen and back maintain a neutral spine while your arms hold your bodyweight above the ground.

How to do Up Down Planks

Firstly, find yourself a mat or a comfortable area on the floor. Get into a Plank position, with your palms flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart, and your face looking down in front of you. Your legs are extended straight out behind and your hips are in alignment with your back.

While maintaining the static Plank position, drop your right elbow down to the mat while keeping your left arm extended. Now lower your left elbow down to the ground, so both are holding up your torso.

Now raise your right elbow up and as soon as your arm is fully extended, raise your left arm up as well so your return to your original Plank position. Inhale and exhale steadily as you use your core to stabilize your body in this position above the ground.

Tips for Up Down Planks

Common form mistakes are lifting your hips too high or rounding your lower back inwards. Keep yourself as stiff as a board throughout the exercise.

Try to perform the Up Down Plank for as long as 30 seconds for multiple sets.

Up Down Planks Video Demonstration

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