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Reverse Fly

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The Reverse Fly strengthens the upper back muscles, specifically the rhomboids and traps, but primarily the rear shoulders are emphasized (posterior deltoids). This dumbbell-based exercise can aid with poor posture caused by long hours sitting or looking at a screen.

How to do a Reverse Fly

To perform the Reverse Fly, select two moderate dumbbells of equal weight. Find a sturdy bench and lie with your stomach facing down.

Your legs should be extended straight out behind you with the feet crossed together. Your body should be parallel to the floor and your chin raised slightly off of the surface of the bench.

Grab the dumbbells with your palms facing in towards each other and bring them together under the bench. With elbows slightly bent, start simultaneously raising both weights outwards along an upwards arc using your shoulder blades to power the motion.

Bring the dumbbells up and out until your hands meet the same height as your shoulders. Pause at the top, and then lower the weights down along the same arc you brought them up with until your hands almost meet again at the bottom starting point of the movement. This completes one rep.

Tips for Reverse Fly

Try to maintain a straight back throughout the Reverse Fly. If you find that your arms are swinging or jerking upwards, use smaller weights until you can perform the movement in a deliberate, controlled manner.

Reverse Fly Video Demonstration

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