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Hip Thurst

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

If you’re ready to build your glutes, look no further than the hip thrust. This exercise is definitely one of the top choices when looking to build a strong and sturdy backside.

To do a hip thrust, you can use a loaded barbell, dumbbell, or other weighted object. You will also need a sturdy bench that you can place your back upon.

How to do a Hip Thrust

While sitting on the floor, place your back against the bench with your knees bent and feet planted firmly on the ground. Place the weighted object in the crease of your hip.

Brace your back against the bench with your shoulder blades making contact. There should be a relatively straight line from your back to your hips.

Keeping your abs tight and your glutes squeezed, press through your feet as you raise your hips. At the top of the movement, your torso should be parallel to the floor. Avoid any arching in the low back; you want to maintain that straight rigid line throughout the movement.

Pause for a moment at the top and squeeze the glutes. Return the hips back to the floor with control. This is one rep.

Hip Thrust Tips

You can go as light (using just your bodyweight) or as heavy as you can with this exercise. If you find the weight is uncomfortable in the hip crease, feel free to pad the weighted object with a towel or pad.

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