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Handstand Hold

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

Are you ready to get a little bit gymnasty? Let me introduce you to the classic handstand hold. This inverted position is a more advanced movement, so please be sure that you build up the necessary strength before attempting.

The handstand hold is a movement that really works the full body. The shoulders will definitely get a great workout doing these holds, but also the core, the glutes, and the wrists will all contribute to proper execution as well.

To perform a handstand hold, you will need a free space on a sturdy wall with room behind you to kick up onto the wall. Other than that, all you need is your own bodyweight.

How to do a Handstand Hold

Standing and facing the wall, place your hands on the floor and kick your feet up against the wall into the handstand. Be sure to think about locking your arms out as you kick your feet up the wall.

Once you’ve got your feet up onto the wall, you want to look through your arms. It might be helpful to think about keeping your arms glued to your ears. Don’t look at the floor because this could put your neck into an awkward position.

You also want to think about keeping your body in a tight, straight line. Squeeze the glutes, glue your legs together, and point the toes. The more tightness and tension you have through your body, the more stable you will be.

To come out of the handstand hold, kick your feet down off of the wall. Be sure to use caution coming out of the position. Maintain body control throughout the descent.

Handstand Hold Workouts

The handstand hold is a static position. See how long you can hold the handstand or perform 3 sets of a certain time amount.

This is a movement that will require some practice to get the hang of it but is a great way to build strength in your shoulders and become comfortable being inverted.

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