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Calf Raise

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The calf raise is an exercise that can be done with no required equipment other than your own bodyweight. It’s a simple movement but will effectively help strengthen and build your calf muscles. 

How to do a Calf Raise

To begin: start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and eyes focused ahead. It may help to pick a spot in front of you on which to keep your gaze. This ensures that your back stays straight and extended. 

From this position, raise up onto your toes squeezing your calves and glutes along the way. Reach your heels as far up off of the ground as you can. 

Pause for a moment at the top and then return your heels to the ground. This is one rep. 

Calf Raise Variations 

If you find it challenging to balance during this movement, place a hand on a wall or railing for a little bit of added support. To make this movement harder, stand on a ledge (like the edge of a sidewalk) for extended range of motion or progress to one-legged calf raises.

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