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Bulgarian Split Squat

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a compound, single-leg squat variation that primarily strengthens the quadricep muscles. However, it will also test your calves, hamstrings, balance, and coordination to the max.

The only equipment you will need is a workout bench, heavy chair, or ledge around knee height.

How to do Bulgarian Split Squat

Start with your back turned to your bench or chair. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. With your right foot flat on the ground, put your left foot back so that your toes are bent and resting on the edge of the bench.

At first, it may be difficult to find the right position for your legs to feel stable, so experiment with which distance and position is most comfortable for you. The left leg will primarily be used to maintain your balance throughout the motion. Your upper body should be upright with your eyes looking forward.

Keep your hands clasped together at your chest or extended out in front of you for better balance. Now slowly bend both of your knees to lower your entire body downwards until your back left knee almost touches the floor. Keep your back toes on the bench and your right forward facing foot flat on the ground.

Pause for a moment, and then power through your right heel and raise yourself back up again to your original starting position. This counts as one rep.

Make sure to keep your chest up and that your right knee does not extend forward beyond your toes- this can lead to injury.

Bulgarian Split Squat Variation

As you become more comfortable with this exercise, you can hold some light dumbbells with your hands at your sides to challenge your muscles even more.

Bulgarian Split Squat Video Demonstration

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