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Bird Dog

May 16, 2023 | Joel Runyon

Another bodyweight exercise, the bird dog targets your core while staying close to the floor. Specifically, this movement works your abs, glutes, lower back, and thighs while also requiring some coordination, balance, and stability. 

How to do the Bird Dog 

All you need to do this movement is a little bit of space on the floor. Because you will be on your hands and knees, it may be helpful to have a yoga mat or blanket to pad the knees. 

Start on your hands and knees – your hands underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips. Raise your right hand to hover off of the ground while raising your left knee. Make sure your core is engaged. 

Once you’ve found your balance and stability while hovering, extend both arm and leg in front of you and behind, respectively. Your body should be in a relatively straight line from the tip of your fingers to your toes. Hold in this extended position for a moment.  

Slowly and with control, return both hand and knee to the ground. Switch sides and repeat the movement raising your left hand and left knee. 

Tips for the Bird Dog 

This movement should be done in a very controlled and deliberate fashion. Make sure your hips stay square to the ground and your back does not sag. Aim for 10 reps total alternating sides.

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