Z Press

last updated: Jun 27, 2021

Once you've mastered overhead pressing like the strict press and push press, you can consider adding the Z Press into your routine. This is an advanced exercise that targets shoulder, core, and tricep strength.

The Z press is done from a seated position which requires a lot of stabilizing muscles. It also requires a lot of mobility in your hip flexors and hamstrings. Keep the weight very light until you become confident in this movement. Again, this is an advanced movement and should only be performed by people who have the prerequisite strength and mobillity.

How to do a Z Press

To begin, sit on the ground with your legs extended in front of you. The barbell starts at the shoulders for this overhead pressing movement.

It can be difficult to get the bar to this position while seated, so you can use a squat rack with the J hooks at shoulder height if you have access to that. If not, ask a friend to give the bar to you if possible.

Sit up straight and grip the bar just outside your shoulders. Think about pressing your heels and backs of your legs into the floor as you press up on the bar to move it overhead.

Lock the weight out at the top with arms fully extended. With control, lower the bar back to your shoulders all while maintaining a straight back. This is one rep.

Joel Runyon
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Joel Runyon
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