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June 21, 2021

Wall Balls are one of the best exercises in your arsenal for cardiovascular endurance and full-body conditioning. They strengthen not only the quads, shoulders, chest, and core, but the glutes, hamstrings, and triceps as well.

How to do a Wall Ball

First off, find yourself a medicine ball of moderate weight that you feel comfortable throwing up against the wall for repeated sets. Then position yourself in front of a solid patch of concrete wall. The ball should be held with both hands in front of your chest and your knees slightly bent.

Tighten your core and then drop your hips back, bending your knees into a slight squat. Keep your chest up and the ball pressed against it.

With your feet flat on the ground, push out of the squat, and with the  upward momentum, throw the medicine ball up to a target spot about 6 feet on the wall above you. This is almost identical in movement to free-throwing a heavy basketball.

Then catch the ball as it bounces back and down towards you with your arms raised above your head. Then return back down into a slight squat, with the ball at your chest and primed for the next ball toss. This completes one rep.

Wall Ball Workout

Try 10 Wall Balls in a row, or as many as you can do for 30 seconds.

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