Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

last updated: Mar 03, 2022

Walking Lunges are an advanced functional, bodyweight exercise. It works all the major muscle groups of your legs, as well as conditioning your balance and mobility. It’s recommended that you first get used to the Forward or Reverse Lunge, before moving on to this walking variation. It will push your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes to the maximum of their ability.

How to do Walking Lunges

Start by standing with your two feet flat on the ground and shoulder-width apart. Maintain an upright posture in your spine and neck. Keep your hands on your hips, or extend them in front of you to aid your equilibrium as you perform the lunge.

Step your front right foot out as far as comfortable so your back left heel is raised off the floor and the toes of your left foot are bent. Bend both your knees until your left knee is almost touching the ground and your right thigh is horizontal.

Now push against the floor with the heel of your right foot and raise your body upwards. Bring your left foot forwards past your right foot and now step out in front of you so your right foot is now extended behind you.

Now repeat the lunge for the left leg. Continue lunging, one foot in front of the other for a set of 10.

Tips for Walking Lunges

To avoid injury, make sure that you are not leaning too far forward or extending your forward-facing knee in front of your toes.

Joel Runyon
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Joel Runyon
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