last updated: Jun 21, 2021

This isometric movement will have you feeling like a real life superhero in no time. Much like the Plank, the Superman is a stationary, lower back-conditioning exercise that will test your endurance and build muscle tone at the same time.

How to do a Superman

Find a comfortable mat and place it on the floor. Lie on your belly in a prone position with your eyes towards the floor, your legs extended and your arms extended out in front of you as far as they can go. Both your toes and your palms should be touching the floor.

Engage your abs and now in a controlled motion, lift your toes, head, and your arms a few inches up off of the mat and hold this position. Your body should now resemble a “U” shape with only your abdomen touching the ground. You should feel a healthy muscle stress in your lower back.

Remember to breathe, and hold this position ideally for 30 seconds. It's important to keep your arms and legs straight while maintaining your balance. Also, keep your toes pointed down instead of out, this takes the emphasis off of your abs.

Then return your legs, arms, and head back to resting on the floor. Relax the muscles of your back and core. This counts as one set. Try to perform 3 sets of the Superman for maximum endurance.

Joel Runyon
written by
Joel Runyon
Founder of IMPOSSIBLE®

Joel Runyon is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE® - performance lifestyle brand encompassing performance apparel & formulas,  IMPOSSIBLE Fitness® programs, and a philanthropy arm. An endurance athlete and entrepreneur - he's also the creator of MoveWellApp and owns Ultimate Meal Plans. Find out what next challenge Joel is crossing off his impossible list here.

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