No Push Up Burpee

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Joel Runyon
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June 26, 2021

The no push up burpee is a variation of everyone's favorite movement - the burpee - but without (you guessed it!) the push up portion.

How to do a No Push Up Burpee

The no push up burpee may sound like a simple movement to complete, but there are a few key performance points that you want to ensure you're hitting.

To start, move from standing into a plank position. Depending on your comfortability level, you can either jump or step your feet back into the plank.

Once you've reached the plank, hold for a moment - contract your abs and squeeze your thighs and glutes. Then, jump or step your feet up to come back to standing. When it comes to foot placement out of the plank, it may be helpful to think about placing your feet where your hands were positioned on the ground.

Once you're at standing, end the burpee with a jump off the ground and clap overhead. This is one rep.

No Push Up Burpee Workouts

We like to do no push up burpees in circuit or HIIT workouts. Perform as many reps as possible within a minute to really get the blood pumping. This is an excellent movement to test and build your cardiovascular endurance.

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Joel Runyon
Joel Runyon

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