Man Maker

Man Maker

last updated: Jun 26, 2021

The man (or woman!) maker is a full-body movement that requires a pair of dumbbells. Within the movement is a plank, push up, row, and squat clean thruster. It is recommended to be familiar with all of these movements before attempting a man maker.

How to do a Man Maker

Start with the dumbbells on the floor about shoulder width apart. Come into a plank with your hands gripping the handle of the dumbbells.

Perform a push up. At the top of the push up, complete a row on one side. Pull the dumbbell up towards you body, keeping the elbow in close (avoid flaring), and then return it to the floor. Complete another row on the opposite side.

From here, jump your feet forward from the plank into your squat stance and perform a squat clean thruster. Clean the dumbbells up to your shoulders - catching the weight in the bottom of the squat. Then, using the power from your legs and hips, perform a thruster. The dumbbells should end up overhead with arms, hips, legs, and ankles extended.

Return the weight to the shoulders with control and then place back on the floor. This is one rep.

Man Maker Tips

There's a lot of moving parts to this exercise, so be sure that you understand the proper form and points of performance for each movement contained within.

If you need a refresher, check out our movement database or the links contained above.

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Joel Runyon
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