Chest To Bar Pullup

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Joel Runyon
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June 23, 2021

The chest to bar pull up is an advanced form of your standard pull up. We recommend being able to do at least five pull ups before attempting this version to ensure you have the proper strength and avoid injury. 

How to do a Chest to Bar Pull Up

You will set up the same way as a standard pullup for this movement. The difference lies in how far you pull yourself to the bar. The end point for this movement is when your chest makes contact with the bar.

Because there is an extended range of motion, the chest to bar is considered more difficult than the chin over bar pull up. The bar should make contact with the chest right below the collarbone.

Once you've reached this point, descend back to the starting position with control. At the bottom of the position, the arms should be fully extended. This is one rep.

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