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June 23, 2021

The burpee box jump combines two bodyweight cardio movements into one for the ultimate lung-burning exercise. All you need to complete this exercise is a box (or some flat, sturdy surface) to jump upon. 

How to do a Burpee Box Jump

Start by facing your box. Perform a burpee - making sure that you have proper hand and foot placement along the way. Once you’ve come to standing, it’s now time to complete the box jump

When completing the burpee, jump or step your feet from the plank underneath you to shoulder-width apart. You want to be within jumping distance of the box - we recommend about 1 step back. 

Send the hips back, load the hamstrings, and jump up on top of the box. Stand to full extension at the top and then step back down off of the box. This is one rep. 

Burpee Box Jump Workouts 

The burpee box jump is a great movement to include in cardio or HIIT-style workouts. Start with a set of 10 or see how many you can do within a minute. As you get more efficient with the movement, you can adjust the size of the box or do more reps within a set.

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