Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl

last updated: Jun 23, 2021

The bear crawl is a great bodyweight movement to keep in your repertoire especially when you don’t have access to equipment or the gym. 

This exercise is considered a full body movement and can even improve your cardiovascular capacity if done regularly. 

How to do a Bear Crawl 

You’ll want to have some open space to do this movement since you will be crawling forward. Start in a plank position - hands underneath your shoulders and your core and glutes engaged. Feet should be hip-width apart and heels should be off the ground. 

To crawl forward, you want your opposite arm and leg moving simultaneously. For example, when your right arm moves forward, your left leg will as well. Then, switch - left arm and right leg crawl forward. 

Find a rhythm with your crawl - always alternating sides as you go. Remember to keep your hips low and level and your core engaged. 

Bear Crawl Workouts

Start with 3 sets of 10 crawling steps. As you build up endurance and strength, add more sets and reps. 

Try crawling backwards for another added challenge. You can also increase your speed for a different variation - but never sacrifice good form.

Joel Runyon
written by
Joel Runyon
Founder of IMPOSSIBLE®

Joel Runyon is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE® - performance lifestyle brand encompassing performance apparel & formulas,  IMPOSSIBLE Fitness® programs, and a philanthropy arm. An endurance athlete and entrepreneur - he's also the creator of MoveWellApp and owns Ultimate Meal Plans. Find out what next challenge Joel is crossing off his impossible list here.

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