Decline Push Up

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June 21, 2021

The Decline Push up is a challenging bodyweight variation on the classic flat push up. However, you’ll be utilizing a bench or box to angle your upper body downwards. This causes an emphasis on your upper pectoral muscles as well as your triceps.

How to do a Decline Push Up

Start by positioning a weight bench behind you. Get down on the lower ground with the palms of your hands flat against the floor. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Now put the toes of your feet up onto the edge of the bench behind you so that your legs are higher than your upper body and your head is pointing down.

Brace your core in a plank position so that your arms are extended out in front of you and your entire body is stiff in a continuous line from head to toe. Bend your elbows outwards to lower your entire upper torso down as far as you can get your upper chest to the ground. Do this in a controlled manner while keeping the line of your body straight.

Pause at the bottom of the motion, and then push yourself back up using the strength of your chest muscles and arms. Stop once your elbows have almost locked out and your arms are extended straight in front of you again. This counts as one push up.

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