Ab Exercises

last updated: Feb 13, 2022

Our complete list of ab exercises

Who's never thought about having six pack abs? Maybe your neighbor’s having a pool party, or you’re planning a beach vacation sometime soon. That means at some point you’ve got to take your shirt off and risk complete strangers seeing your exposed mid-section in broad daylight.

When it comes to situations like this, most people wish they’d hit their abs at the gym more often, or not drunk so much beer on the weekends. Advertising and movies seem to show people with rippling abs more and more often these days, and many guys feel the pressure to look like Brad Pitt circa Snatch or Fight Club. 

At the end of the day though, it’s really not necessary to kill yourself at the gym just to look like a model or a movie star. But losing that unhealthy belly or fitting into your favorite old pair of tight jeans is absolutely achievable for anybody. All it’s going to take is some hard work on a mat or bar, and some discipline in the kitchen.

The most important thing is to get going on some ab-burning workouts as soon as possible. Their benefits go far beyond just feeling confident at the beach. Your abdominal muscles play an integral role in your posture, spinal support, balance, stability, and breathing. Get this part of your body in shape, and the aesthetics can come later.

Some great beginner exercises are the traditional Sit Up and the Elbow Plank. As your Abs and Core get stronger, try out some V-Ups and Toes to Bar. Any movement that requires you to hang from your hands and raise your legs will have your mid-section crying for mercy in double time

ab exercises
written by
Joel Runyon
Founder of IMPOSSIBLE®

Joel Runyon is the founder of IMPOSSIBLE® - performance lifestyle brand encompassing performance apparel & formulas,  IMPOSSIBLE Fitness® programs, and a philanthropy arm. An endurance athlete and entrepreneur - he's also the creator of MoveWellApp and owns Ultimate Meal Plans. Find out what next challenge Joel is crossing off his impossible list here.

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